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Branch Network

WEA Cymru is democratic by nature. Learners are active partners in the construction and organisation of their learning wherever appropriate and the Association as a whole runs under the guidance of elected committee officers and committee members who are themselves students. The governance is thus firmly in the hands of the elected representatives of learners.

Wherever you are in Wales, you are never far from a WEA branch or group or class. Branch members are citizens who have joined together to speak up for their community's educational needs.

In addition to WEA classes and informal groups reach out into communities and to students everywhere, offering a fresh start through learning.

To find out more contact the Learning Manager in your area

Anglesey & Bangor 01766 800443 mon@weacymru.org.uk
Blaenau Gwent & Monmouthshire 01495 369869 courseinfoHOV@weacymru.org.uk 
Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan & Bridgend 02920 382431 courseinfosouth@weacymru.org.uk
Carmarthenshire & Pembrokeshire 01792 467791 courseinfowest@weacymru.org.uk
Conwy & Denbighshire 01492 536693 conwy_dinbych@weacymru.org.uk
Gwynedd 01766 800450 gwynedd@weacymru.org.uk
Harlech 01766 800466 info@weacymru.org.uk
Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly & RCT 01495 369869 courseinfovalleys@weacymru.org.uk 
Powys (north) & Ceredigion 01686 610270 powys@weacymru.org.uk 
Powys (south) 01495 369869 courseinfoHOV@weacymru.org.uk
Newport & Torfaen 01495 369869 courseinfoHOV@weacymru.org.uk
Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot 01792 467791 courseinfowest@weacymru.org.uk
Wrexham & Flintshire 01766 800486 wrexham@weacymru.org.uk