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Staff Briefing

1.  Change Programme ‘Fit for the Future’
Consultants DNA definitive have completed their work with the organisation and reported to the Board on the 22nd March 2016

  • Health Check and Fitness testing

Dr Paul Thomas and associates met with as many staff, tutors, governors and learners as possible to help us all determine where we are now and where we want to be in the future.

  • Staff Conference

The staff conference took place on 26th November 2015 at St Davids Hall in Cardiff. The morning sessions were centred around our collective ideas as we worked together on our organisational purpose and values.

  • Strategic Planning

Dr Paul Thomas facilitated three strategic planning days with the Senior Managment team to develop our draft organisational Stratgey for 2016-2019, it includes recommendations and findings from both the initial Health Check and Staff Conference and has been communicated to the whole organisation.   

  • Pilot project

Staff have trailed different ways of working in a particular area (Heads of the Valleys - South East Wales region) for a specific period of time (3 months) which was completed at the end of February and identified potential changes. The findings were presented to the Board on the 22nd March and will be shared with colleagues to benefit the whole organisation through a dissemination event once the new staffing structure is in place.
From the 1st March 2016 the Senior Management Team have taken full responsibility for the change programme and will report progress accordingly.

2.    Strategic Plan 2016-2019
We are currently consulting on our Draft Strategic Plan 2016-2019 with all of our stakeholders, with Regional Forums in February, through an online Survey that closed on the 23rd March 2016, a Learner Survey closing on the 31st March. The Strategic Plan will be revised and updated in April based on the feedback received for a final draft to go to the Board Meeting on the 17th May.
Note: Following feedback from staff, tutors and learners an easy read version has also been developed

3.    Governance Structure and Charity Constitution
A Governance Task & Finish Group has been formed and held its first meeting on 13th October 20156 and identified the opportunity for consultancy support via The Wales Cooperative Centre’s Social Business Wales Fund. WEA YMCA CC Cymru was successful in its application and the task and finish group started working with Branwen Ellis from the Wales Cooperative Centre and their appointed consultant Dr Martin Price on 13th January to develop the methodology and timescales for consultation.
Consultation on proposed Governance Structure ‘principles’ took place with the Regional Forums, some individual members of the Task and Finish Group and other stakeholders in February. Feedback and findings were used to inform board discussions at its meeting 22nd March before a more detailed proposal is developed for consideration at the AGM on the 16th April. Following the AGM a final Governance Structure and Constitution will be developed for Board approval on the 17th May and Membership Approval at the EGM June/July 2016.

4.    Identity (Name)
Regarding the organisation name and identity, it has not been possible to work with Students from the University of Wales Trinity & St Davids as planned due to long term sickness of the lead tutor responsible. As a result, the organisation has procured the service of ‘Studio Gill’ to support this planned activity, working with staff to design an electronic survey that has gone out to all staff, members, governors and partner organisations (where this closed on the 23rd March 2016), to gather evidence for the development of an organisational identity and name. This is to be followed-up with focus group activities from 11th - 18th April with a creative brief to be developed / agreed by 25th April; creative work would be set to follow this with recommendations for identity and name going to the Board for approval on the 17th May and Membership Approval at the EGM in June/July 2016.