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Disability Statement

WEA Cymru encourages applications from individuals who have difficulties or disabilities.
The institution's mission statement identifies the principle of inclusive education for all and the imperative of developing the full potential of all its learners.

It is acknowledged by the institution that due to the diverse nature of sites used that mobility problems may be encountered by those with physical disabilities in some instances, we will endeavour to meet a student's requirements including relocating the course if possible. After discussion between the student and the institution, if it is felt that the student’s needs cannot be met then they are counselled through to a more appropriate course or institution.

Essential Skills

You may have noticed that most jobs or college courses these days require a good level of reading, writing and maths skills.

We also seem to be surrounded by words and numbers in everyday life, such as when we need to read something for information or when we’re trying to work out what’s value for money at the supermarket.

If you want to brush up on some of these skills then WEA Cymru can help.

You may not know it but a quarter of adults in Wales have reading and writing skills below GCSE standard and over half have problems with maths, so you’re not alone.

Our courses help with such things as:

  • managing your money better
  • reading for pleasure
  • filling in forms writing letters. . . and much more.

If you’re a parent or grandparent you might also be worried that your child or grandchild will ask you for help with things like spelling or long division. Skills you learnt a long time ago but not used since. The WEA understand the difficulties this can cause and are used to helping people of all ages re-learn these skills in a supportive and caring environment. You’ll also have the chance to get a qualification if you wish.

Learning starts from the very beginning and can go up to pre-GCSE level. Better still, all our Essential Skills courses are FREE. If you feel you would benefit from improving your Essential Skills, or know someone who could, please contact your nearest WEA Cymru office or phone 029 20235277 to speak to a friendly adviser.

Policies and Procedures

Please see below to download / view our:

Please download the Financial Contingency Fund application form here.