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What is Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC)?

ESDGC focusses on:

  • The links between society, economy and environment and between our own lives and those of people throughout the world
  • The needs and rights of both present and future generations
  • The relationship between power, resources and human rights
  • The local and global implications of everything we do and the actions that individuals and organisations can take in response to local and global issues.

source: ESDGC Why? What? How?, ACCAC 2002.

ESDGC can also be called Global Learning

Wales is one of three countries in the world to have Sustainable Development as part of its constitution. As a nation, it prides itself on development and delivery of education that supports the capacity of the whole population and increases understanding and awareness of the importance of sustainable development and global citizenship.

Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) is being embedded into all aspects of education, school, further education (FE), higher education (HE) and Adult and community learning (ACL).

ESDGC practice shares a similar approach to Community Learning as it recognises the importance of a learner centre-approach which encourages critical thinking and aims to empower the student. ESDGC is not just about knowledge, but is also about values, attitudes and skills.

It’s about looking at the WHY behind the issues.

To initially start thinking about ESDGC it’s useful to use the "AIDA" model

A – Raising Awareness of the issues
I – Finding Information about the issue 
D – Making a Decision about the issue 
A – Taking some Action regarding the issue .