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Our Branches

What is a Branch?

A Branch describes a group of learners who pursue their own chosen learning interests; a self-managed committee leads the group where its members have the opportunity to practice democracy and develop skills for effective participation in wider society.
The branch is recognized by and affiliated to us (Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales), where we support learning and resource needs including the sourcing of tutors for branch provision; we also provide some financial assistance.
We are unique in Wales, as our learners are recognized as members of our organization who if they choose can form local Branches.


Why create a Branch?

Our Branches are active groups of people who steer their own learning interests. So rather than a prospectus or learning guide steering a learning programme, a Branch offers the opportunity to develop an education programme tailored to the things which a learning group feels are important to them. Classes may include anything from Basic Literacy to Philosophy, from Assertiveness to Welfare Rights. The choice is up to the Branch!


A Voluntary Movement

Our Branches began due to the initiative of one of our founding organizations, the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), and continue to be steered by our voluntary movement. Our voluntary movement works for adult learners in Wales to enrich and strengthen our society, as well as stimulate individual development through Adult Education. Our objective is nothing less than the creation of an educated democracy in which participation in public affairs, and the knowledge that it requires, are widely spread throughout the community.


Who can be involved?

Anyone who feels they would like to be part of the learning process can get involved. It may be a second chance to learn - perhaps something that wasn’t on offer at school or the opportunity to find out more on a subject that interests you. No two branches operate in the same way, so we are here to offer support and help you learn!


If you are interested in finding out more or starting up your own branch of interested learners, talk to us today!

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