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Sustainability at Adult Learning Wales

At Adult Learning Wales we are committed to promoting environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. We aim to follow, promote and embed good sustainability practices across the organisation in order to reduce the environmental impact of all our activities and to increase the positive social and economic impacts of our work.  We aim to do this through our learning activities and how we operate across all our operations.

We aim to minimise detrimental impact on the environment and enhance the local environment by:

  • adopting best practice and assisting, where possible, in developing innovative solutions to environmental issues,
  • conducting our activities in full knowledge of, and compliance with, the requirements of applicable environmental legislation and Approved Codes of Practice,
  • assessing the environmental impact of all past, current and likely future operations, and fully integrating environmental considerations and objectives into organisational decisions,
  • minimising consumption of natural resources, including energy, water and raw materials, as far as is economically practicable,
  • preventing pollution and minimising emissions,
  • reducing the production of waste and developing effective waste management and recycling procedures, as well as disposing of unavoidable waste in such a way as to minimise its environmental impact,
  • encouraging the use of environmentally friendly means of transport by staff, including car sharing, the cycle to work scheme and the use of public transport,
  • establishing environmental objectives and targets, and measuring performance against these targets,
  • raising awareness amongst members of staff through appropriate education and training, encouraging them to become more environmentally responsible,
  • working within the local community and with others, to take into account their environmental concerns and developing and pursuing environmental initiatives,
  • purchasing goods and services, wherever possible, from sustainable sources which aim to minimise environmental impacts, support local economies and practice fair trade, and which support a circular economy,
  • examining the environmental benefits of staff working from home on occasions,
  • encouraging organisations with which we work in partnership to maintain an environmentally friendly approach to their activities,
  • ensuring that staff and learners are encouraged to follow good environmental practices,
  • monitoring of the impact of the environmental policy and associated actions via our Resources Committee.

Further information can be found in our Environmental Policy

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