Good News Stories - Sew Good!

Good News Stories - Sew Good!


Rainbow Teddy Bear - Sew good!

Since the onset of Covid-19’s lockdown, learners from our Textiles classes have found some welcome relief by making masks, scrubs, and ‘Rainbow Teddy Bears’ using scraps of material from their homes.

Our tutor Maria explains: “Our Moodle has been great - it’s provided us with lots of projects – one of which was making the teddy bears! When the Cefn Forrest class started, Pearl joined unable to sew a straight line, but as you can see, Pearl and her classmates are now producing some amazing work!

The classes have now established confident sewers and have given the learners an opportunity to interact with each other while in lockdown. This has helped keep individuals connected, providing a support network during what has been a hard time for many.

The learners are enjoying their online learning classes and are keen to continue. As with face-to-face learning, it is a break setting aside time for group activity, providing contact with each other and our tutor too.

Thank you to tutor Maria and all of her learners – keep up the great work!

If you are interested in learning more about sewing, patchwork or textiles take a look at our courses today!

Talk to us through your favourite social media channel Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – find us using our social media handle name “alwcymru”. You can also email us at [email protected]


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