Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales

We are the national adult community learning organisation for Wales, committed to widening participation, promoting active citizenship and skills development. We provide the best quality learning through a collaborative approach, across the whole of Wales. We provide access to education from Pre-entry Level learning to Level four qualifications.

We believe in people

It doesn't matter your age, learning is vital in life. We believe in providing extra skills and qualifications to adult learners, providing accessible learning to better improve their lives. We are here for you, and work with you to teach you something new.

Active learning across Wales

We are a membership organisation and our learners can actively engage with the planning and organisation of their learning. Our governance is founded on elected representatives which includes learners where we aim to be a voice for all adults learning in Wales.

Providing you with inclusive learning

We promote a broad education offer with a commitment to inclusiveness, cultural enrichment, health and wellbeing, and equality which improves social justice and community engagement; alongside which we offer highly focused education and training for employability, enterprise and skills development. . . .where our learner lays at the heart of all that we do.

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Become a learner, a tutor, partner or a member! Whatever you'd like to do, we would love for you to be a part of what we do.

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