Inspire! Awards Nominations 2018 - Ponthafren Art Group


Ponthafren Art Group meets every Wednesday morning in partnership with Ponthafren, a mental health drop-in centre. 

The group has a diverse range of learners with the age range from early 20’s to early 70’s, all of whom have overcome challenges in their lives either through social isolation, ill health, unemployment or due to caring responsibilities. 

The aim of the group is to use education to improve health, confidence, self-esteem, negativity and to provide responsive, creative adult education. The learning is student-centred focussing on the interests and the skills of the individuals involved and teaches transferable, creative skills which empower the individual to develop independence as learners. 

Skills gained include problem solving, critical thinking, evaluative skills, discovery, experimentation, team work, listening and negotiating. The students themselves are testimony to the opportunity that is given to them through the group. 

One learner says ‘The class is non-judgemental, where people share their feelings and experiences. Personally, I have benefitted enormously. I have attended other classes but wanted to be more expressive with art’. 

Another learner explains ‘I enjoy coming to our classes as I have made some new friends. I don’t feel judged. With my past a lot of people don’t like me as they see a criminal, but people who get to know me now realise I’ve changed and the classes help bring me out of my shell’.