Flexible Maths and English

Flexible Maths and English Courses

Do you want to improve your maths or English skills but find it difficult to commit to attending classes?

If so, a flexible maths and English course that gives you the opportunity to develop your maths and/or English skills, at a time and place of your choosing, might be the answer.

We have teamed up with the Open University and some of the biggest colleges in Wales to develop a flexible learning platform, accessible through the internet, but with the added benefit of a specialist tutor to support you through your learning journey.

All courses are free of charge.


How it works

Once signed up to the programme, the first step is for us to determine your current level and to then assign you to a learning programme at either level 1 or level 2 in your chosen subject/s. Level 2 being the equivalent in standard to GCSE.

All you’ll need is a computer or mobile device to enable you to access the learning platform.

Your tutor contact will advise you on the accredited and non- accredited options available to you for demonstrating progress.

In addition, the maths courses are available through the medium of both English and Welsh.

Please click here for further details about the course and options for recognising achievement.


Reasons to Learn with us

  1. Boost your confidence
  2. Discover a new skill
  3. Open doors to new opportunities
  4. Reignite a passion
  5. Improve your wellbeing
  6. Make plenty of new friends
  7. Be a part of your local community
  8. Become more active and outgoing
  9. Learn new and different skills

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