Regional Fora

Regional Forums

We have 6 Regional Forums, which cover the whole of Wales’s geography. They meet termly and provide opportunities for members to share good ideas and experience; discuss issues of common concern; learn about educational developments within their region; and link with national initiatives taken by the Council or in preparation for our General Meetings.

Membership of Regional Forums is made up of individual members and representatives of our branches, our learner forums and our affiliated and partner organisations. While Regional Forums primarily have a consultative role, they also play a key part in the nomination and election of the 6 regionally-based persons on our Council.

Regional Forum Papers

Here you can read all relevant papers to our up-coming Regional Forum events across Wales.
Click on the links for event papers.

North East Agenda
North East Minutes


North West Agenda
North West Minutes


Mid-Wales Agenda
Mid-Wales Minutes


South Central Agenda
South Central Minutes


South East Agenda
South East Minutes


South West Agenda
South West Minutes


All Forums




If you need regional information, talk to one of our regional offices or call us on 03300 580845.

. . .or Email Us.

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