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Learner Benefits
What benefits might you expect from learning as an adult?

Everyone’s experience will differ but we know from what learners have told us, the observations of our tutors and other staff, and research that adult learners can benefit in the following ways.

Increased confidence – Most learners tell us that by the end of one our courses they feel more confident.  This can help in various ways including as a consumer or citizen, as a parent or in other relationships, when going to see the doctor or to meet a child’s teacher.

New skills and knowledge which can help with gaining employment or promotion at work, and can make a difference to families and communities as well. Parents can help their children with homework and children can see their parents as role models to copy. Adult learners are more likely to get involved with their children’s learning, improving outcomes.

Better Health - Those with health problems particularly, describe increases in well-being, with some saying that their learning gives them a reason for leaving the house and a structure to their lives. Research into adult learning and health have shown links with smoking cessation, better nutrition, lower risk of heart disease, the amount of exercise taken and life satisfaction. It has also been shown that adult learning leads to a sense of identity, an ability to cope and a feeling of purpose in life. There is also evidence that adult learning may delay the start of dementia.

Social Benefits - Learning with other adults is a social experience which can reduce isolation and lead to new friendships. These can be the springboard for greater involvement in local communities such as volunteering or joining with others to tackle some shared problem.

. . .and society as a whole - Adult learning can lead to a better understanding of people from different cultural and religious backgrounds resulting in greater tolerance of diversity. Some adult learners feel better informed about politics and empowered to play a bigger role in democracy.

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