Inspire! Award Nominations 2018 - Dorothy is still learning at 85!

Inspire! Award Nominations 2018 - Dorothy is still learning at 85!


At 85 years of age, Dorothy Eiddona Selleck decided to return to learning to help achieve her goals of supporting the World Organisation for Early Childhood Education (OMEP).
Dorothy enrolled on a power point course with Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales with her reason being: ‘I give talks in Welsh and English on the changes in early childhood education to educators in Wales and want to be able to support my talks.’ However, her learning didn’t end there. Following the successful completion of the course, Dorothy progressed onto an Excel spreadsheet course which she felt would further help with her work.

Dorothy has travelled all over the world visiting the USA, Croatia, China, Chile and Mexico and is now using her newly learned IT skills to develop presentations to aid her talks and to develop surveys on the development of early childhood education using excel. In addition to this she creates her presentations in both Spanish and English and attends Spanish lessons to help.

Dorothy has enjoyed her learning and is pleased with how her new digital skills have supported her voluntary work and had a positive impact on her life. 

Her class peers commented on what a marvellous person Dorothy is, saying that she is ‘such a strong person to travel all over the world at her age giving talks’. Another stated simply, ‘she is such a talented person’. 

In June 2018 Dorothy will be attending the 70th Anniversary of OMEP at the University of Prague where her IT skills will be put to test as she will give a presentation in English, Welsh and Spanish on changes in young children’s education and adult training.

Dorothy is proof that learning can be lifelong and whatever your age or circumstance, you can achieve what you want to with the right determination.

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