Good News Stories – Students learning within their boundaries!

Good News Stories – Students learning within their boundaries!


Learning can very often stretch our minds and take us beyond what we once thought possible. But what do you do when you’re shielding and you need to stay within your boundaries? Our Wrexham Digital Photography class has been getting creative while maintaining learner health and well-being.

The great outdoors is a veritable feast for those who wish to capture moments in pixels. A walk in the countryside for example can provide a wealth of inspiration for those with a camera around their necks. And ordinarily, this would be the case for our digital photography learners. . . but not so during lockdown.

Tutor Mick Scraggs explains: “Our course readily includes taking pictures of our surroundings – and we are blessed with stunning local scenery. However my group of learners includes individuals who are shielding or self-isolating and so for them, the prospect of exploring our great outdoors wasn’t an option.”

Mick continued, “The recent sunny weather invited us outside and where our gardens gave us an extra room in the house, these also provided the perfect backdrops for our photo shoots!

“One of the exercises saw the learners set-up a static shot where multiple frames were then assembled featuring them at different parts of their garden or their greenhouses! This created the illusion of many learners in one space - where of course it was just one.”

Mick commented, “All of the learners had a great time – their physical boundaries were no match for their creativity!”

Well done to Mick and the learners – in lockdown but still pixel perfect!

If you are interested in learning more about digital photography and its endless possibilities, take a look at our courses today! And if you have a story to share, let us know.

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