Strengthening Diversity is Key


Learning and Diversity

Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales is built on it's founding principles reaching back for well over a century. One of the pillars of our constitution is an unconditional 'learning is for all' for the betterment of all our citizens, our communities and society as a whole.

We know that education has the power to strengthen communities and to enrich and transform lives. It is very clear from recent world events that strengthening our diverse communities and maintaining equality throughout all levels of what we do continues to be vital. We work - and will continue to work - with our learners, members, staff and partners to plan what we can do to educate ourselves and the communities we serve, where our words of support are joined by meaningful action.

We are committed to improving diversity within our own organisation, and, led by our Safeguarding Equality and Diversity Group, we have refocused on our equality and diversity work in recent years. Our organisational policies and procedures continue to be reviewed, where we seek to establish a clear action plan to ensure that our workforce better reflects our Welsh communities.

Tackling racial injustice is an ongoing process, and we are committed to providing our ongoing support. Continued feedback from learners, members, staff and partners is vital to inform on what else we can do to support real, meaningful change. We need to keep the conversation going until societal change is realised. 



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