Our learner Susan Harris tells us how she regained confidence having completed our Counselling Skills course


Our learner Susan Harris tells us how she went back into education after a 30-year career with the Council, and how she regained confidence by completing a number of our courses, including the Counselling Skills course that she now hopes to use in pursuing a new career in Counselling.

Susan says, “I finished working for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council after being on long-term sick due to a massive fibromyalgia flare up that has me now using a walking stick.  My job had involved walking around the Council yard, climbing in and out of vehicles, checking mileage, etc.  It also involved some complicated financial procedures, billing various departments for fuel, hire and repairs.  I could no longer do this, and ended up on long-term sick. I had done this job for over 30 years. 

Whilst I was on sick leave, the Occupational Health Department assigned me a counsellor, as the stress of trying to do the job was too much – and this really helped.  When I had my first interview with a DWP work coach, I mentioned that I was vaguely interested in becoming a counsellor myself.  She directed me to Adult Learning Wales to see if it suited me - It very much did! I did the basic counselling course and I realised that it was what I want to do. On finishing the course, I signed up for several more courses, including Criminology, Social Psychology and the second Counselling course.

The support was amazing, and Jayne McAleer, my tutor needs a special mention for all she has done to help me! I gained my confidence back. My life was far from over, and I am able to start again. I am now in my first year in an Open University course in Counselling.  I would certainly recommend these courses to others!                                                                                                   
We would like to congratulate Susan on completing her course and wish her well with her continued learning!

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