Our learner Rachel tells us how she came across our sewing classes and shares her beautiful artwork and feedback with us!


Our sewing skills learner Rachel shares her experience with us. . .

Rachel says, “I came across Adult Learning Wales by chance. During lockdown I was looking to learn a new skill and, having always wanted to be able to use a sewing machine, searched online for a class. Almost immediately, I found Adult Learning Wales and saw that they provided online classes in many different subjects for people living in Wales. I was delighted to find that sewing classes were on offer and borrowed my mother’s vintage sewing machine in readiness. She hasn’t had it back!

I learnt how to bring an old sewing machine back to life! I learnt how to thread it, wind a bobbin and sew in straight line and how to make simple items. I am now learning how to make simple garments. I am also taking an embroidery course where I am learning techniques to illustrate my poetry.

I have gained the companionship of fellow students across the length and breadth of Wales. We not only support each other with our sewing projects, but also with the challenges that life brings from time to time.

I hope to continue taking classes to improve my skills! Our tutor is very experienced and has a wide knowledge of different needlework and crafting techniques, so there is plenty of scope to learn more.

I would definitely recommend the course to others! Our tutor is very patient and treats everyone with respect and we always have fun!”

Artworks Rachel made using her sewing machine and poems she wrote to go with them!:

We would like to thank Rachel for sharing her beautiful work and feedback and wish her well in her continued learning!

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