Creating crafts with ‘Ponthafren’!


Our arts and craft tutor Deborah Jenkins-Doyle tells us about her bespoke class that she runs for our partner organisation, ‘Ponthafren’ – a Mental Health charity in North Powys.

Deborah says, “We are an art and craft group which runs for 3 hours every Monday morning. Currently, the learners are all working on different craft projects for their assessment ‘Using Recycled Materials in Craft Work’. The mixed group consists of a wide range of ages and abilities. Every learner has a different reason for attending these art and craft lessons which all result in the same goal, “to do something creative” and “to help mental health”. 

One of our learners, Sarah, does a lot of art and craft at home and is an extremely skilled member of the group.  She said her main reason for attending these classes is to get out of the house to try and improve her social skills.  Sarah stated, “I try and push myself and keep busy.  These classes give me a break from my head and it is the only time I leave the house other than for essential trips”.  Below shows Sarah making miniature flowers for her assessment.

Our learner, Sue, has been attending for approximately 9 months and enjoys the sessions.  Sue said that the lesson provides her with a “feeling of acceptance”.  She feels comfortable and safe and has acquired many new skills since starting these at and craft sessions.  She loves the friendships she has gained within the group and enjoys meeting new people.  Below Sue is making some fabric leaves for her assessment project.

Westley, Sue’s son escorts his mum to the art and class.  He is creative in nature and has produced some excellent pieces of work over the last few months.  Westley has created a fabulous craft item for his assessment. Below we can see Westley creating some paper roses which will be attached to his dreamcatcher wreath.

Our leaner, Beverley, has been attending for about a year and has undertaken many crafts over the years.  She said that it is important to “get out of the house” and that it provides a positive start to the week.  Bev is shown below making a wreath using recycled material and has made a pom pom ladybug to include in her design.

Finally, we have our leaners Rachel and Lee, who are fairly new members on this course.  They are enjoying learning new crafts. Lee said, “It is a feather in your cap to know you have created something”.  Rachel said that she likes doing something different and meeting new people. 

We would like to congratulate Deborah and her wonderful learners for creating beautiful crafts, and we look forward to seeing what they do next!

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