Our ‘ESOL Summer School’ learners’ visit the National Waterfront Museum


Our South Wales and Mid Wales Region’s ‘ESOL Summer School’ learners had a fantastic time on their August excursion to Swansea’s Waterfront Museum. Learners and their families were given a ‘family trail’ to complete where their aim was to locate all of the hidden seagulls around the museum. The learners also attended an upcycling event, where they redesigned old pieces of clothing using paints, sequins and recycled fabrics; they even got to design their own shopping bags to take their creative works away in and re-use the bags for future shopping trips!

Asylum seekers and refugee learners found the event a great way to learn about upcycling, where they added their creativity to everyday fabrics, taking something old and learning how to mend and recreate something new.