Our learner Niquita Mace has been nominated for the Inspire! Learning Awards 2023 for her perseverance, application and determination!


Our learner Niquita Mace has been nominated for the Inspire! Learning Awards 2023 for her perseverance, application and determination and her Essential Skills Numeracy Tutor James Short tells us why. . .

Our James Short says, “Niquita started on her learning journey in January 2022 on the Numeracy Essential Skills course. She felt very apprehensive initially, due to previous experiences with Numeracy and never having feeling confident in her mathematics ability throughout her life!! She attended every lesson always working diligently and asking questions to make sure she understood, so that she felt that she was making forward progress on a weekly basis. Having sat and failed both elements of the ES (Controlled Task & Confirmatory Task) – Numeracy at the first attempt, she accepted her disappointment and asked to re-join the next cohort of learners to re-try because she did not want to give up. Again, never missing a session, she applied herself fully to try and ensure she would pass on her second attempt, yet again failing on both elements during the examination period.

During this period, Niquita also joined the level 2 Comms (another part of what was required to enrol on her university course). This she completed and failed at her first attempt but then passed the subsequent re-sit, before continuing with her Numeracy classes. Another example of her willingness to totally apply herself to her studies!!

These set-backs, did not only not deter her, but made her, if anything, even more determined to prove to herself that she was capable of succeeding and getting to her ultimate goal of applying to university to embark on a midwifery course for 2023. She attempted the re-sit examinations on two further occasions, until she finally passed the Controlled Task examination on her fourth attempt (over a year after enrolling with ALW). This was followed by a total of six attempts at her Confirmatory paper, which she finally passed (with an 80% pass mark) after attending two classes, for a total of 8 hours a week (afternoons with Amanda Salter and evenings with myself). Which is a quite remarkable effort in itself in my opinion, and shows an extremely driven and determined individual, who was willing to do whatever it took to finally succeed and reach the goals she had set for herself.

She is an absolute first-class example of how perseverance, application & determination cannot be underestimated in working to achieve your life’s goals. She has shown an unbelievable appetite for work, always asking for extra practice materials to work on (and returning said work within the same day on many, many occasions), whilst looking after her young family, never complaining or bemoaning the fact that she was never going to pass the course etc. She has gained entry onto her midwifery course and will, I am sure, make a first-class midwife once she completes her university degree.

I believe she is one of the most deserving learners for achieving the Inspire awards, I have ever had the privilege of tutoring. I cannot praise her attitude to disappointment, setbacks and frustration highly enough, she would be a fantastic advertisement in what can be achieved with commitment and a never give up attitude to learning and finally achieving your ultimate goals.”

We would like to congratulate Niquita for her hard work and wish her well in the Inspire! Learning Awards!

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