Our tutor Sam Emmett has nominated our North Wales based learner, John Johnson for the Inspire! Learning Award 2023 in the category of Life Change and Progression for his amazing work ethic!


Our tutor Sam Emmett has nominated our North Wales based learner, John Johnson for the Inspire! Learning Award 2023 in the category of life change and progression for his amazing work ethic! Having spent most of his life suffering with anxiety, John has managed to find ways to build his confidence and motivate others through completing a number of courses with us, including Digital Literacy. His tutor, Sam tells us why he has been nominated for the award. . .

Our tutor Sam says, “John Johnson came to us as a learner on the Digital Literacy course that is specifically aimed at people who have been long term unemployed and who are also suffering from other effects normally related to mental health issues. In John’s case, he had suffered from anxiety and depression which was not helped by long term unemployment. John demonstrated great computer skills from the start and was not only able to work on his own work, but was able to help others. Seeing the advantage of this, I discussed with him if he’d ever considered working in education, which he hadn’t. We started preparing John for the role of teaching assistant and he now works as a volunteer teaching assistant for us on the Digital Literacy courses where he helps learners with computer related tasks and digital skills to help learners achieve on the course. John also helps learners improve their confidence, which is a lot of what these courses are about. We also recognised that John has the potential to become a tutor. I am mentoring John, as well as another tutor so that John can start developing and working towards becoming a tutor himself. John is looking forward to starting the Award in Education and Training course with us soon. John has been helping learners achieve great things with positive outcomes, and we are very much looking forward to John becoming qualified and working at Adult Learning Wales!

Our learner John says, “I am a sixty-year-old man from North Wales with a technical background in electronics, computers, and mechanics. I’ve also suffered from anxiety for the past twenty-five years. My anxiety has held me back in life and in employment, so I decided to start courses that would help me build my confidence. From this I have developed to training to be a teacher with Adult Learning Wales, which I have found has helped quite a lot! This has given me a purpose, an identity, and a future. If I can help other people that are experiencing the same problems, especially older people who are getting left behind in the digital world, then I feel like I am doing something worth while and it gives me a boost. I have found that studying and learning something new grounds me and helps with my anxiety. I really enjoy helping others too. I’m hoping to continue learning and be able to teach in the future, which is something I never thought could be possible. I have received amazing support form Adult Learning Wales, and retirement seems like something in the past, I am enjoying myself too much to stop now!”

We would like to congratulate John on his perseverance and doing so well in his courses! We look forward to seeing what you do next and wish you the very best of luck with your nomination!

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