TU Course Programme 2017-2018

Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales
Bryn Menai, Holyhead Road, Bangor LL57 2JA
Course Time:
9.15am to 16.45pm

Autumn Term 2017
Stress Management for Reps, 2 Thursdays from 7th September 2017 
Health and Safety Stage 1
, 10 Mondays from 11th September 2017 
Union Reps Stage 1, 10 Tuesdays from 12th September 2017 
Union Learning Reps Stage 1, 6 Wednesdays from 13th September 2017 
Negotiating Skills, 2 Fridays from 15th September 
Digital Skills for Organising - Module 1
, 3 Thursdays from 5th October 2017
Mental Health Awareness, 2 Fridays from 13th October 2017

Spring Term 2018
Digital Skills for Organising - Module 2, 3 Mondays from 8th January 2018
Risk Assessments, 2 Tuesdays from 9th January 2018
Equality Reps, 6 Wednesdays from 10th January 2018
Grievance and Disciplinary, 2 Thursdays from 8th February 2018
Union Learning Rep Stage 2, 6 Fridays from 16th February 2018

Summer Term 2018
, 12 Tuesdays from 10th April 2018
Domestic Violence , 2 Wednesdays from 9th May 2018

This course has been developed to raise awareness of domestic violence and its impact on members in the workplace. This is not a course to train reps to counsel members but will signpost the reps to those that can. This course will look at:

  • Developing an understanding of domestic violence
  • Considering how it can affect members at work
  • Determining how they can work with employers to create an environment in which those experiencing domestic violence can speak up and be supported
  • Identifying their role, and the roles of others, in supporting members

Digital Skills fr Organising Module 3 , 3 Thursdays from 10th May 2018

ICT presentations for trade unionists ‑ Using computer presentational software can help calm the nerves and give a professional look. During this course, you will produce a multi-slide presentation.

Cancer Awareness , 10 Mondays from 11th September 2017

Cancer is a workplace issue. It now affects one in three people. This course will help union reps to: explore issues to be faced if a union member is diagnosed with cancer; Become familiar with employment rights and benefits and how they can be used to advise and inform members Tackling Bullying in the Workplace The course will help participants to;

  • define and recognise bullying
  • identify work organisation and staffing issues that contribute to workplace bullying
  • understand how employment law principles and health and safety legislation apply to workplace bullying
  • make employers aware of what they can do to recognise and eliminate workplace bullying
  • develop a workplace strategy to inform members about what to do if they witness or suffer bullying
  • develop a workplace policy on bullying at work
  • understand that bullying affects everyone and can be seen in a wider context beyond that of a health and safety issue.

Diploma in Employment law , 36days; 48 Credits at level 2 or 3, 10 Mondays from 11th September 2017

This Diploma gives an in‐depth grounding in the law relating to employment and work. Participants will normally be expected to have completed Union Reps Stage 1 and the Certificate in Employment Law or equivalent courses. You will learn about collective and individual law. The course will help develop your advocacy and legal research skills.

Next Steps for Safety Reps Stage 2 , 12 days; 18 Credits at level 2

This course is designed for health and safety reps who have already completed the TUC Health and Safety Stage 1 course or union equivalent. The course helps reps identify, prevent and control risks, helping to build a safer and healthier workplace. It encourages reps to involve members in safety issues by developing a collective approach to health and safety. It outlines the most recent health and safety law and information, enabling reps to effect real change in the workplace.

This course provides Union Learning Reps with the opportunity to develop existing essential knowledge and skills in areas that are fundamental to their role, as well as undertaking a workplace specific learning project in an area of study relevant to their members' learning needs. It looks in depth at: working with partners, providers and employers on learning; exploring government and union learning initiatives and priorities; education systems and accessing learning; education assessment tools; developing ICT skills; data collection; tools and systems for supporting learners with information and guidance; getting involved in adult learners' week.

Dyslexia Awareness , 6 days; 9 Credits at level 2

This course will cover the key elements of dyslexia awareness and the key legislation relating to dyslexia. It will help union learning reps and other reps to: learn how to support individuals with dyslexia inside and outside of the workplace; understand the impact on employers and organisations; recognise key issues affecting those with dyslexia and be able to provide advice and practical support.

This course is designed to help reps understand and implement an accident investigation. The course is split into six main activities.

  • Current legislation and current workplace practices
  • Understanding the different perspectives of management, union and the workforce
  • The range of information needed to be collated in the aftermath of an accident
  • The differences between immediate and underlying/root causes of accidents
  • How to prevent similar accidents occurring again
  • The implementation of risk control measures

The course will cover the following objectives, which will help reps to support members in their workplace to:

  • Identify the main causes and symptoms of stress in the workplace
  • Identify legal requirements of stress management
  • Develop ideas of what could be in an employer's stress management policy
  • Review the HSE Stress Management Standards Toolkit
  • Identify sources of support for members

This two-day course has been designed for trade union reps and aims to create greater awareness of autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) and neurodiversity in the workplace. The course is aimed at trade union reps from all workplaces and no prior experience or knowledge is required. The course aims to:

  • Create awareness of neurodiversity and autism spectrum conditions (ASC)
  • Help reps consider various workplace factors that may negatively impact on workers with an ASC and on workers who may be carers for people with an ASC.
  • Consider practices and environments within the workplace that may be direct or indirect discrimination against workers with an ASC or workers who are carers for people with an ASC.
  • Consider best practice for workplaces and unions when tackling issues associated with ASCs.

This one day course will introduce existing reps to the concept of utilising their existing skills to benefit their geographical community as they have done within their workplace. The topics that will be covered are:

  • Similarities and differences between workplace and Community Learning
  • Transferable skills from Union Reps to Community Reps
  • Inequalities that cause barriers to learning
  • Inequalities that cause barriers to learning
  • Sharing workplace and community resources
Negotiation Skills This helps reps to:
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses when negotiating with management
  • Identify the key features of procedural agreements
  • Identify what skills reps need to carry out effective negotiation with employers
  • Summarise the main points of preparation for a negotiating meeting with management
  • Develop negotiating tactics.
Menopause in the Workplace For too long, the menopause has been seen as a 'private' matter and many employers have been slow to recognise that women experiencing the menopause may need special considerations or adjustments put in place. As a result it is still very rarely openly discussed and many managers do not have awareness of the issues involved. This means that many women feel that they have to hide their symptoms and they may be less likely to ask for the adjustments that may help them. This new course will offer the rep valuable tools on dealing with issues arising from the menopause. It will cover the H&S and Equality legislation and practical guidance for reps when looking at reasonable adjustments. This course is designed for all reps and all genders. The new Wales Menopause Toolkit will be central to the course. All courses are available on request… Do you have a group of reps in your branch/workplace who need training in a place or on a date or topic not listed above? Please note that we are able to organise additional courses on request for groups of reps. Please contact the Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales TUC Education Team for further information and to discuss your training requirements. Examples of other 2 ‐ 3 day courses That can be run for unions/groups of reps on request: Union rep skills
  • Handling Casework
  • Dealing with Redundancies
  • TUPE
  • Organising Vulnerable Workers (agency and migrant workers)
  • Introduction to Pensions
  • Promoting Learning
  • Climbing Frame for Union Learning Reps
  • Apprenticeships
  • Dealing with Redundancies for Union Learning Reps
  • Health and safety
  • Green Reps (Trade Unions and the Environment)
  • Introduction to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
  • Risk Assessment
  • Manual Handling
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Tackling Stress in the Workplace
  • Equality
  • Tackling Racism
  • Disability Champions @ Work
  • Countering the Far Right
  • Out at Work

Applications and Contacts

  Application Form (Word document)
 01248 363940
Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales, Bryn Menai, Holyhead Road, Bangor LL57 2JA

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