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Well-being support for our learners

We want you to have a positive experience and get as much as possible out of your course. However, we recognise that adults can face all sorts of issues and challenges at different times in their lives. We aim to be as informal and flexible as possible and if any of our learners are experiencing any difficulties we want to know about them.

Adult learning can be difficult when other challenges come into play. We want to make sure that you reach your full potential, whilst having all the mental well-being support available. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, or what your background is. Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales is committed to providing inclusive support to all of our learners.

If you need any help, call us on 03300 580 845, text us on 07715 904 304 or email us at learnerservices@adultlearning.wales


Taking care of your mind

Depending on your personal circumstances, we may also be able to help you access a counsellor if you feel that this would be helpful. Self-referral Counselling Form (external)

Wellbeing covers lots of different areas and issues, which can all affect how we feel. You may find the following links useful in providing more information about improving your wellbeing:

The Mind website has a page which covers what mental wellbeing is, what can affect our wellbeing, and what we can do to look after and improve our wellbeing. The NHS website gives five steps which can help improve our wellbeing.


What we eat and drink can affect our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

The NHS website has information about eating a balanced diet here.
Mind have a web page about how food and mood are related here.


Mental Health   

Our mental health can have a big impact on our wellbeing.

Mind have lots of information about mental health and where to get support.

This page on the NHS Wales website provides information on accessing mental health support.

The NHS’ Moodzone has advice and tools to help you improve your mental health.      



Exercise can improve our wellbeing as well as our physical and mental health.

The NHS website has suggestions for free or cheap ways of exercising, workouts for you to follow at home, and links to other sites which may be helpful.

The Mental Health Foundation has information about how exercise can improve your mental health (you can also download this page as a PDF booklet in English or Welsh).

This page of the Mind website give information about the benefits of exercise, and also contains links to help you choose a type of exercise and on fitting it into your routine. Yoga can also help to improve wellbeing – this page on the NHS website gives some more general information.



Mindfulness may be helpful in improving your wellbeing. 

The NHS website gives a general overview of mindfulness, how it can help our wellbeing, and how to be more mindful. The Mind site has a section on mindfulness, which gives advice on how to practice mindfulness and help on deciding whether it is right for you.


Chat to someone

If you are worried about any aspect of your course and would like to talk things over with someone confidentially, please get in touch, we’re ready to listen.

Call us on 03300 580 845

Text us on 07715 904 304

Or email us at learnerservices@adultlearning.wales

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