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A Festive Language Journey: ESOL Learners Explore Cardiff Christmas Markets


On 5th December 2023, a group of Swansea’s ESOL learners from Entry Level 2 and 3 embarked on an enriching and successful trip to the Cardiff Christmas Markets. The aim was not only to experience the festive atmosphere but also to provide an opportunity for language practice in real-life settings.

The primary objective of the trip was to immerse learners in a natural English-speaking environment, where they could engage with native speakers, practice their language skills, and build confidence in everyday communication. The Cardiff Christmas Markets, known for their vibrant stalls and welcoming vendors, provided an ideal setting for this linguistic adventure.

Entry level 2 learners and their tutor, Cathryn, at the Christmas market.

On a crisp winter morning, the group set off for Cardiff, accompanied by tutors Cathryn Clement and Sandra Warner. The journey itself became an opportunity for learners to engage in casual conversation, enhancing their listening and speaking skills.  Learners have previously practiced language and grammar relating to travel and transportation within class. Upon arrival, the learners were excitedly greeted by the festive ambiance of the markets. 

The learners explored the various stalls, which offered an array of seasonal goods, handmade crafts, and delicious treats. The festive atmosphere provided a natural backdrop for language practice. Learners actively engaged with vendors, asking about products, prices, and sharing their own thoughts about the items on display.

Entry level 2 learners and their tutor, Cathryn, in St David’s shopping centre.

Mariana, an Entry 2 learner, stated, “We visited the Christmas market and Castle.  Inside the castle was amazing and colourful! We ate German sausages, they were delicious.  We had a great day in Cardiff!”

Fanny also mentioned, “I went to Cardiff city centre by train.  It was a comfortable trip, with Cathryn, Mariana, Lucy and Natalia.  We visited the Christmas market, and also went in the castle.  We took some lovely photo together, and I really enjoyed the beautiful walk.  I give thanks to Cathryn for the good idea.”

Fanny Alfonzo enjoying her time at Cardiff Castle.

The Cardiff Christmas Markets trip proved to be a resounding success in achieving its language-learning objectives. The combination of festive spirit, engaging activities, and helpful vendors created a memorable experience that not only enhanced language skills but also fostered a sense of community among the ESOL learners.

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