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A learner perspective on our Welsh Language and Culture course!


Our learner Karon Andrews tells us why she joined our Welsh Language and Culture course, what she learnt and how it has benefited her. . .

Karon says, “I saw the course on Welsh Language and Culture advertised on the Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales website - I have an interest in the language, culture and history of Wales so seeing the course advertised was a boon for me! I am currently learning to speak Welsh so I thought doing a course which looked at the history of the Welsh language would be both relevant and interesting. I studied Welsh history at Aberystwyth University over thirty years ago, and I was delighted to revisit and to refresh my memory of some of the areas of Welsh history I studied as part of my degree.

I enjoyed all aspects of the course. I found the explanation of the origins of the Welsh language, its links with Latin and the way in which the language became anglicized over time most fascinating. The description and explanation of The Treachery of the Blue Books and the impact they had on the Welsh language was also another aspect of the course which I found interesting.

Our tutor, Mr James Berry, showed a wealth of knowledge, a sense of humour and great enthusiasm throughout the course which made my learning experience both interesting and fun!”

Tutor James Berry says, “The course was created with the intention of providing Welsh learners with a context of historical and cultural references. I’m delighted that Karon found the course enjoyable and of benefit in her learning of the language.”

Karon continues, “I have recently made friends with a family from China who have kindly shared with my husband and me an insight into Mandarin and Chinese culture. I want to do something similar for them around Saint David's Day based on giving them an insight into the culture of Wales and the Welsh language. The recent course that I took with Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales has given me a wealth of information which I can now share with my friends!

I would definitely consider doing another course based on the culture, language and history of Wales in the future which was of a longer duration and in more depth.”

We would like to congratulate Karon on completing her course and thank her for her feedback! We look forward to welcoming her back to a future course!

If you’d like to learn about the context of Wales’ language and culture, click here.

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