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Beautiful crafts from our Patchwork course learners!


During the last year of the pandemic, our learners have been busy creating a variety of beautiful quilts, cushions and quillows (quilts that turn into cushions); our patchwork learners have also enjoyed other crafts too! Learning has included Foundation Piecing, and Bias Tape Appliqué, where each lesson presented a guide on using different techniques resulting in a range of learner-made quilts incorporating a mixture of patchwork and appliqué.

Our tutor Alison Chapman has been sharing her knowledge and experience, guiding and teaching our learners new techniques and skills.

Alison says, “The sessions are based on all aspects of patchwork and quilting, and the projects are learner-led. I try and ensure that learners can make an item which they will use and want - learning some new skills whilst making it! Some learners prefer to make smaller items and some make quilts ranging from small cot size quilts up to large king size quilts.”

Alison adds, “There are so many different techniques and patterns, so there is always something new to learn! The prior knowledge that the learners share, enables them to help each other, be creative and learn new skills.”

Alison’s learners have worked very hard, so much so that her Thursday afternoon Patchwork class was shortlisted at The National Festival of Quilts (read more about that achievement from our previous article here).

During lockdown lessons, our learners have managed to stay connected throughout, often lightening feelings of isolation from their friends and family. Some learners have shared that the classes have kept them going through the past months – with one group calling their class "Sewing for Sanity".

“Classes,” Alison continues, “regularly echo a lot of fun and laughter, and the groups are able to support each other through their free use of Microsoft Teams [Our learners can use Microsoft apps for free when learning with us] and as a result, all learners have improved their digital skills.”

Alison says, “I can honestly say I have looked forward to the courses just as much as the learners have, and I think we have all got to know each other better and learn new skills!”

We would like to wish Alison and her learners huge congratulations on creating such beautiful and functional pieces of art!

To view more of the learners work, check out or Facebook album here.

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