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Beautiful poetry from our learners


Our learners have been exploring their own feelings in response to poetry, prose and images - creating their own writing as part of this. To support our learners, our tutor Jessica Clapham has been delivering Creative Writing courses throughout lockdown to beginners, and the work they have produced has been beautiful!

In a series of writing activities, our learners have explored writing about the self and mythology, different types of children’s literature, autobiographical writing, travel writing, ethics and voice.

As classes have been online (prompted by Covid-19 restrictions), all learners have gained additional digital skills enabling them to navigate different platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The online classes have also meant that learners have been able to make friends with people from all over Wales, and the ensuing friendships has seen learners staying in touch and continuing their creative collaborative writing together beyond the lessons. Where classes have been held in English, the Welsh language has been welcomed and some of our learners have made creative responses in Welsh too!

One of our learners, Gareth Roberts has kindly allowed us to share a couple of his poems.


I will sail the moon-tide
across a chattering sea
on silvered roads
to shimmer-wide horizons
where stars come low enough
that I might wear them
as jewels for my fingers
on out-stretched hands

Seed Country


a seed blown on a vagabond wind
settles to a stone country

a country of sun
a rain country

washed in seasons tumbled
where hills meet the sea

where cliffs fall and waves
shift their wrecks and driftwood

into temporal forms upon the beach
seeking expression

the shape of a language
a mutable tongue shifting names

into the seed of story
of people of country


If I could keep my country in a box
it would be a handful of dirt,
a dust that might have been
where poets trod amongst their tangling,
where the girls danced barefoot
and boys made their marks with blunt sticks.

This dust would be the seed of a thousand names,
a thousand tongues with tales to tell,
until this thing, this little box,
that can fit so easily in my pocket,
would be full of such a myth of telling
and names that, when opened,
I would struggle to hold on to my own,

would become myself no more
than a seed flown on vagrant winds
blown from the country
in the box in my pocket.


Should I find myself in the hard stone of a different land,
settled to the tumbled seasons of wind and sun and rain,
then let me be an unexpected shoot
greenly waving my little flag to the sea’s spray;
a febrile-brave tongue telling new words
to speak the sound of falling cliffs
and the shapes that waves make
of wrecks and driftwood on the beach.

Congratulations to Gareth and all of our learners for doing so well and writing such beautiful poetry!

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