Celebrating our learner Fosia Ibrahim for completing the Level 2 Youth Worker course | Adult Learning Wales

Celebrating our learner Fosia Ibrahim for completing the Level 2 Youth Worker course


Our learner Fosia Ibrahim shares her experience of attending and completing the Level 2 Youth Worker course whilst learning new technological skills and means of communication.

Fosia Ibrahim tells us, “English is not my first language; British Sign Language is my first and preferred language. Technology is not my forte and online learning was especially challenging. At times more than one platform had to be used such as Microsoft Teams and Messenger. The technical challenges occurred when I had two BSL Interpreters on screen. At times the connection wasn’t always great. It is not possible to watch BSL English/Interpreters and write notes down at the same time. I was determined not to give up despite at times feeling overwhelmed by technical difficulties. My preferred method of learning is face-to-face, but the feedback from my Tutor gave me the confidence that I was progressing.”

Fosia’s persistence and hard work meant that she was able to share her perspective and teach her fellow learners along the way.

Fosia continues, “My presence in the class made other learners aware of deaf culture and language. They learnt that I process my thinking via British Sign Language, and it was a learning experience for the other learners and my Tutor.”

Throughout the lessons our learners gained new knowledge with Fosia leading by a great example. All learners had a positive experience through being made aware of British Sign Language and made great connections.

Fosia adds, “Through my participation on the course especially through the required placement and projects I have met some very interesting and inspirational people. I shall build up those contacts and apply that within the youth service and the placement. I will apply the skills learnt from the community project to my youth work practice by creating a community profile. I plan to collect information from this to form part of Information and Support Guidance for young people.

My family have been there to teach and support me through some of the technology aspects of the course such as uploading documents that I have created. My placement supervisor has been supporting me to ensure that I understand the various assignments. He has taught me how to think critically and to use self-reflection too. The Tutor made sure that I understood not only the content of what she was teaching but also that I understood the assignment. She would further support me through clarifying if I did not complete an assignment correctly. She was very patient with me and therefore she was an inspirational teacher.”

Tutor Dawn Rees says, “It was a learning curve for me as I had never had a learner who’s first language is BSL. I had to learn to give Fosia the time to process the information and then give her reply. She inspired all of us in the group with her persistence but most of all her humor. We were able to learn about the culture and the barriers that she faces on a daily basis.”

Fosia has gained a lot of new skills and is looking forward to applying these to her future.

“The course is giving me a change of different direction in my career. It is also giving me a chance to use my knowledge of working as Learning Support Assistant with children in a youth work setting. The course has been enjoyable, so it has enhanced my self-esteem. The course has widened my knowledge about youth work in a local, national and international issues. Much of young people’s rights are due to local, national, and international legislation. I am going to join Youth Work Level 3 when it starts. As soon as a vacancy arises, I will apply for the Youth Work post.

Fosia concludes, “Anyone with a passion for working with young people should apply to join this course. The Tutors are really committed to inclusion and supporting the whole journey of learning.”

Congratulations to Fosia for completing her course and being truly inspiring!

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