Find out why our learner José Hernan Godoy Nunez has been nominated for the Adult Learning Inspire! Award 2023. . . | Adult Learning Wales

Find out why our learner José Hernan Godoy Nunez has been nominated for the Adult Learning Inspire! Award 2023. . .


Our learner José Hernan Godoy Nunez moved to the U.K a few months ago, and since then he has worked very hard to find opportunities to improve his English and create a new life for himself and his family in Wales. His tutor Sandra Warner shares with us why she has nominated him for the Adult Learning Inspire! Award 2023. . .

Our tutor Sandra Warner says, “From the moment José joined my beginner level English class I knew he would be an asset to the group. He arrived soaking wet from a half hour bike ride to class! As his asylum application was not yet approved, he was not entitled to a bus pass. So instead of complaining he saw this barrier as something to overcome and obtained recycled bikes for him and his family from a local social enterprise.

José is one of those people you instantly warm to, always has a positive attitude but also very caring and encourages less able students. He quickly made friends in the group and invited them to his home. He has developed a special bond with a Syrian man in the class. Despite their low level of English, they meet in their free time, talk about football and visit charity shops. A bond from shared sense of humour, interests and life journeys which transcends any need for shared language.

He is not the most able student but more than makes up for this by his determination and motivation to succeed. Any work missed through absence from class (which is extremely rare) is made up for and he always does homework. His formative results clearly indicate he is doing extra independent learning out of class.

José and his family have only been in the U.K for a few months. He shared a little of his story with me; his life in Honduras and his reason for seeking asylum to provide a safe home for his family. His ability to integrate so quickly has had enormous impact on his English learning and confidence but it was only in a recent lesson about volunteering that I realised his impact on the local community.

He has connections with a local church from working at the food and clothes bank. He worked at a community farm and brought the words shed and manure into the lesson! The class learned bulb from his tales of planting with the National Trust and deforestation from work with an environmental group.

José is clearly passionate about nature and shares his knowledge, which he manages admirably in a second language. He makes use of these opportunities to practice English and socialise but also further his chances of future employment.

His intentions are to continue volunteering with local organisations, study English, and finish his degree in Forest Sciences. To achieve all this with a wife and family to support is no mean feat. I believe he will succeed and therefore inspire others and that is why I believe he deserves an award.”

We wish José the very best of luck!

If you would like to find out more about the Inspire! Awards, click here.

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