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Good News Stories – For the Love of Scrubs!


Our staff have been part of the wider effort to provide scrubs for NHS workers. Our colleague Sian Williams tells us of her efforts so far with a Caerphilly group.

Sian is one of our lead administrators and usually works from our office in Cardiff. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to her now working from home she has also volunteered with a local Caerphilly group who call themselves Caerphilly Scrubbers making scrubs for NHS staff based at Ystrad Mynach Hospital and the Royal Gwent Hospital.

Of the work, Sian said, “Seeing the efforts being made by our NHS workers prompted me to join the group. I’ve always been able to sew, so I thought I’d put my efforts to good use!”

One of Sian’s group cohorts, Mia Beechey, set up a GoFundMe page, which has raised over £500 so far, to help cover the costs of the fabrics; she has also passed some of the supplies on to a few local seamstresses, who are also making scrubs.

Mia told us, “The ladies I supply need more fabric already, so another order has been placed to keep us going,” she said. “We will keep going as long as scrubs are needed.”

Another of the women making scrubs, Thornaporn Moya, said: “My shop, Noi’s Stitch & Sew Shop only opened a month ago and had to close because of the virus, then I heard about helping the NHS.

“I realised I have the skills to help make the scrubs and I really enjoy it because I feel like I can do something useful to help the NHS nurses fight the virus”.

Ms Beechey’s neighbour, Ann Ap Iorwerth, is also getting involved. She said: “My family and I have a huge debt of gratitude over the years to the medical staff locally in Machen and also to those in The Miners’ hospital in Caerphilly as well as the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport.

“It is for this reason especially that I have decided to help to make scrubs for the NHS. I was wondering what I could do to help the cause and was delighted when Mia mentioned that people were needed to help sew these garments”.

Sian has seen a great response from the public, and many other local residents have joined the group. She says however, “We still need help purchasing supplies such as fabric and the more volunteer seamstresses we have the better. Any donation would be really appreciated.”

Well done to Sian and the rest of the Caerphilly Scrubbers group – great work! To donate to their GoFundMe page, head to or if you would like to get involved find the group on Facebook.


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