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Good News Stories – From A Colleague’s Perspective – Our Lighthouses Provide a Ray of Light!


While some lockdown measures have been eased travel for leisure throughout Wales remains seemingly some way off. But, for some of us, travel has been essential, and for one our colleagues - Sue Davies - her other role takes her to beautiful parts of our coastline. Here, Sue shares her recent thoughts with us.

“Throughout the lockdown I have been visiting some of the most beautiful places on Anglesey, sometimes in the middle of the night! My secret is that in addition to my administrative role with Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales, I have another job and it is the perfect job for social distancing and self-isolation.

“I work for Trinity House the lighthouse authority for England and Wales, and it is my job to make sure that the lighthouses on Anglesey keep on protecting the ships and seafarers around our shores. Most of us don’t realise just how much of the food and other supplies we need actually comes to us by sea. Ships from all over the world quietly go about their business 24 hours every single day, in all weathers, providing a service without which we, as an island nation, would be in big trouble especially at times like this.

“The lighthouses, many with a long extraordinary history, still provide a reliable, reassuring and sometimes life-saving service to seafarers helping to ensure that the ships get to us safely with their vital cargoes.

“With modern technology the lighthouses are unmanned full-time but they still need someone to look after them. When South Stack, Point Lynas or Trwyn Du have a problem, they send their automatic alarms to Trinity House Operations Centre in Essex who then call me. I go to investigate and change lightbulbs, start generators or check for intruders. I also visit the lights regularly just to polish their optics, report on any damage and test their equipment.

“I have been doing this work for several years now and still honestly find every visit wonderful, whether it is for the ship spotting at Point Lynas, the sunrises at Trwyn Du or the views across the Irish Sea and great acoustics at South Stack.

“I count myself very lucky. This must be one of the best jobs at any time but especially now during lockdown when the air is clearer than ever; there is absolute peace and not a soul around except the seabirds and me.”

Sue, thank you for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful pictures. Essential work and in such a beautiful part of the world.

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