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Improving mental health with our craft courses


One of our learners, who would like to remain anonymous shares with us how attending their craft courses has boosted their positivity and has improved their mental health tremendously. . .

Our leaner says, “I enrolled on the course not only to develop crafting skills but to interact with other people. My disability has isolated me, and I find it very difficult to leave the house on my own. The courses have become a lifeline which I organise my days around.
When lessons were in the community, I relied on another adult being with me and quite often I was exhausted by the effort to get there. Large classes were stressful, and it was difficult to follow the lesson. I didn’t take in much of what was taught. I have overcome these difficulties by doing online sessions which have enabled me to participate on a regular basis and take a far greater active role. It is far safer and practical for me to join in lessons, and I can clearly see what is going on and I can do things at my pace knowing the tutor can see what I am doing and instantly interact with me.

I share what I make online with family and friends who always respond positively, which is a real boost to my self-esteem which was at rock bottom before the classes. My family have had to take care of me so much, so it’s great that I can contribute something to my family by making them craft items. They say it has boosted my positivity!
I have already started applying my skills around the house, recycling old items into useful items I would have to buy otherwise. Creating cushions with my new skills and even a quilt! I am trying embroidery and knitting which I find in small doses can distract my brain from my daily pain which is a real breakthrough.

I must say the course tutor, Maria, has been so supportive. She has helped me in so many ways to access the crafts, organising her sessions brilliantly. She listens to her pupils and adapts accordingly. I feel safe in her sessions and have made a wonderful group of friends in the classes. My family have been very supportive, helping me set up Microsoft Teams and encouraging me.

My learning has improved my mental health tremendously, building up my confidence and self-esteem. Each session not only brings new skills but interaction with others and chats about current affairs both local and national. My IT skills have developed, and whilst I have accepted my medical diagnosis and that I will not be able to return to employment, I now have a purpose to my days. After teaching for over a quarter of a century I can now enjoy lifelong learning thanks to Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales’ online courses - Thank you!”

We would like to congratulate our leaner on completing their course and are so glad that their wellbeing and self esteem has improved so much!

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