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Improving wellbeing through our Arts and Crafts courses


One of our learners, who would like to remain anonymous, has shared their feedback having completed several Arts and Crafts courses. They tell us why they joined the course, how it has helped with their wellbeing and what they plan to do in the future with their new skills. . .

Our learner says, “I enrolled on an Arts and Crafts course with Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales as I was trying to be calmer. My motivation was to have a more positive outlook to my life and not feel isolated. The courses would offer something that I wanted to do with others to get out of my comfort zone. I did a range of courses and learnt a lot of techniques, including, knitting, garment making, crochet, upcycling, sewing embroidery and patchwork.

Before these courses, I was doing a university course and had problems with my mental health. I went to my GP who said that he could give me medication which I did not want, so I went to a craft class to help. When I was there, some of the other people said that they were doing a sewing class in the morning on the same day – so, I asked if it was okay for me to join, and they said come along! When I got there, I met the Arts and Crafts tutor Maria Parry-Jones and asked if I could join - Maria said yes! I started English Paper Piecing which I quilted and made a child’s apron!

I tried to complete my university course but failed so I continued with the Arts and Crafts courses. When the pandemic came, all courses were moved to online delivery. I still had lots of support from my tutor and was able to join multiple courses! At one point I was doing patchwork and quilting which helped me make memory cushions for my family for Christmas the year my mum died, and I was able to use some of her clothes.

Having had such a positive experience, I would go as far as saying it’s more like being in an extended family that helps and motivates each other. I have also been looking into setting up a shop to sell items that I have made in the classes I have attended.”

We would like to congratulate our learner on creating beautiful work and wish them well with their future plans!

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