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It’s never too late to upskill or learn something new!


Having been out of employment for some time, Janet decided to pursue a course that would help her upskill her digital and technical skills. Having completed the course, she has gained much more than knowledge about Word Processing and Excel. Janet has gained confidence and her self-esteem has grown massively. She has taken steps to integrating with her community, make new friends and share her newfound skills with others.

Janet shares with us, “I was made aware of the course through the Jobcentre, as I have to attend being unemployed. I have taken computer courses in the past and used them in some jobs. As technology has progressed and is constantly updating, I thought it would be good to acquire the skills and not be left behind or outdated.
I have been very fortunate to be able to attend this course. After being made redundant from my previous employment, which I served 15 years, it was a bit daunting, but Rob, the tutor, and the other students made me feel very welcome. It’s just myself and my husband at home, unfortunately he suffers with mental health issues, so I was concerned. But I think it helped my confidence, which also helped my husband. We would discuss the lessons and I think he could see how it was helping me too.

I’d like to think my confidence ahs been noticed by others around me. At sixty-four, it’s good to know that you’re not too old to learn or refresh new skills. Learning alongside others also makes you question your own abilities and share knowledge with each other.

The knowledge I have acquired on the course will help me understand technology and the terms of technology a lot more. These skills will help me as I use an electronic till in the shop where I volunteer. I can access information from the Internet and communicate with family members from my phone.

Having the courage to walk into a room of strangers is a big thing to overcome. But talking and getting to know people with a common goal can help you realise that things are possible if you are willing to accept a hand and the support that is offered to you.

Having attended this course I’d say that my quality of life has improved. My physical health is not good, but by attending the course, it has taken my mind away from my aches and pains and has given me something to look forward to.

I’d recommend this course as it could help you gain confidence and self-esteem to live a more rounded life, enabling you to contribute to the community.”

We are so glad to hear that this course has helped Janet! It’s never too late to learn – Well done Janet!

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