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Our time during Covid-19 has seen a significant growth in our online learning courses.

Our Digital Development Manager, Rhydian Williams, explains what we’ve been doing to ensure learning continued through lockdown and what we can expect for the new term.

So Rhydian, it’s great to see you, tell all!

Hello! We’re really excited about our new term. Learning might look a little different at the moment but we can’t wait to get started!When our traditional face-to-face delivery paused due to the coronavirus, where possible we took these courses from face-to-face to online learning for all areas of delivery – a major step but one that’s been hugely worthwhile. Now, plans are progressing to ensure that more and more of our provision is supported using digital mediums.

The rise in online courses has been significant, what’s been the feedback so far?

Through the dedication of our tutor teams who have embraced this new model of teaching and learning, the feedback has been really encouraging. We all know that using technology isn’t always easy, but with our support, making the step to online learning and its many benefits has been incredibly positive. So a big ‘Well Done’ to all our learners and tutors!

So what can our learners expect?

For many, moving to virtual learning is a step outside of their comfort zone. But thanks to our supportive tutor teams the transition is often a very smooth one – usually better than learners expect! Having the opportunity to continue with learning and interacting with classmates online, has been a real lifeline for many, especially for those who’ve felt isolated during this time.

Did I hear you right – did you say Moodle?!

Yes! Moodle is what we use for online learning – mainly for our accredited courses. Using the internet, this is where learners can access their course materials and their assessed tasks. Course work is uploaded to Moodle; the tutor marks it and gives learner feedback – all in one place! When courses take place on Moodle, learners are emailed their access details as well as guidance on how to use it.

What other online services do we offer?

I’m glad you asked! Well in addition to being able to enrol online, we use Microsoft Teams and Vscene video calling for our live online learning sessions. These are the two platforms used most by our tutors with learners. Our tutors provide access to these platforms for their learners by email invitation.

This sounds complicated – do I need to install software on my computer?

No. No software is required. Teams and Vscene work in a web browser – you know, Chrome or Internet Explorer for example. And all of our learners can use Microsoft Teams – for free!

It sounds great. But what if I’m still a bit unsure?

Our support is there for all of our learners every step of the way. In addition to the first hand support learners receive from their tutor and our regional office staff, we also have a dedicated support team to make sure all aspects of online learning with us are covered – where learners are confident and comfortable learning online.

Thanks Rhydian and to all of our team (you know who you are!).

Check out our growing range of online courses and learn online with us today!


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