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Learning Online – Colin’s Story


Having received a recommendation from a friend, Colin Ridgeway enrolled on our Award in Education and Training (AET) course to enhance his employability prospects as a workplace trainer. However, it’s fair to say that the course prospect caused Colin a great deal of anguish and anxiety. As a dyslexic learner, Colin had previously come to rely upon peer support, which, he felt, in an online or blended environment would be far more challenging and one, which he didn’t particularly relish.

Undeterred however, Colin applied himself to the course from the outset where his efforts would dispel at least some of his initial course concerns. The group work - which he had dreaded - proved to be easier than expected, and building a rapport with fellow learners while not as straightforward compared to that of a face-to-face environment was he found ‘achievable’, as Colin reflects: “I did find that not only did I get on with the other learners, I also worked well with them!

“Tutor assistance and their availability helped to deal with needs brought about my dyslexia as well as aspects of the course. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor, and they were only ever just an email away to provide advice and guidance.”

In addition to his core learning, Colin has found that he has also benefited in other ways: “The course has developed and refreshed my IT skills, and sparked an interest in more ICT. My knowledge on UK educational issues has improved and I’m now able to discuss these with another teaching colleague. I am now more focused on my ambition to secure community education work. My wellbeing, confidence and mental health have all improved. Being able to learn during the lockdown certainly was a very powerful tool to help my mental health as it provided me with something important to focus on.”

Colin is now using his new skills and insights in his community work, helping to steer learners – ‘where they are going and how they will get there’ - throughout his delivery of informal community training. He has re-engaged with family and friends and is promoting his passion and interest in education to others. He is currently now considering a new higher education course focussing on understanding and living with dyslexia.

Colin we are thrilled to hear of your positive online learning experience and the resulting benefits.
A big ‘Well done!’ to Colin and all involved. If you’re interested in learning online like Colin, take a look at our courses or talk to us today.




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