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Leaving IT Fears Far Behind


Theresa Murray started in our Workplace Learning Team as a tutor just over 3 years ago having previously worked as an ICT tutor for our Adult Community Learning provision. Her new role tasked her to deliver digital skills in workplaces ranging from ancillary organisational staff in health boards and local authorities to shop floor and warehousing staff in supermarkets.

Theresa’s enthusiasm for digital literacy and computer skills has encouraged her learners to embrace new technologies and ways of working, especially during lockdown. Many of her learners came across digital barriers in their workplaces, lacking in confidence of how to best use the technology available to them. Teresa was able to demystify all aspects of working in the digital realm and her learners have found new confidence in their own abilities. This has enhanced their work life which has had a knock on effect in their day to day family life. This has developed their communication skills, supporting learners to use social media, share information with loved ones and do online shopping.

One of Theresa’s learners from Tesco, had a smartphone but had she had never used it other than to make calls or texts. It was apparent just how much this learner had progressed throughout the course as, by the end of it, although she had initially proclaimed she ‘didn’t have internet access at home’ citing this as a barrier, her confidence had increased dramatically, where she began shopping online using her mobile data allowance. At home, these skills transferred to her 10-year-old daughter.

Theresa not only made her digital literacy learning sessions vital and relevant, she turned very reluctant learners into enthusiastic, confident ones who now engage in the digital world around them.

Theresa says,

“In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been part of transforming face-to-face provision to online provision, by providing training and support to our tutors. I have supported tutors through some challenging changes and technical issues. I worked hard to ensure that learners are not disadvantaged when it comes to accessing online courses. There have been some very challenging times over the past year, and I have had to develop my own skills to ensure that I can help others.”

“There are so many reasons why adults should take up learning; to improve confidence, learn a new skill, meet people, gain employment skills, develop themselves, have a focus in life, progress to other education.”

Teresa has supported her learners immensely and we are proud to have her as a colleague.

Well done Theresa, and best ‘Inspire’ wishes from everyone at Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales.

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