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Life after Stroke


Life after Stroke. Pensioners hall, Ammanford. (Wednesday 10-12noon) The learners who attend this course all suffer the effects of having stroke.  The aim of these sessions is to introduce learners to a variety of craft skills as part of the rehabilitation process, learners are supported in carrying out new tasks which aim to improve their manual dexterity, while encouraging participants grow in confidence through social interaction and the acquisition of new skills. The participation in the group is not restricted to learners living in Ammanford, in fact learners travel in from the surrounding towns and villages to participate in the group activities and classes. Our class has been running since the start of September 2023, and in this time, learners have explored a variety of autumn themed activities. Learners have created plant pots from old tin cans upcycling them with laminated illustrated collars with floral designs. Learners have planted up these pots with a variety of hardy annual seeds and have placed them in their outdoor spaces where already there have been reports of seed germination and seedlings growing in preparation of the forthcoming spring when we will look forward to lots of pretty flowers next year Learners have upcycled old magazines to create collage pictures of autumnal pumpkins. For this activity learners drew around a pumpkin template to create the pumpkin shape onto A4 paper, which they populated with torn segments from the pages of the magazine and added additional texture using scrunched up tissue paper in complementary colours which they stuck to the A4 page using PVA glue. Learners also combined the collage technique with the use of leaf shaped templates and incorporated leaf rubbings from native local trees to create a wreath illustration on A3 paper. Learners have also explored weaving techniques using paper templates and strips of coloured paper.