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Jamie Davies’ work involves connecting and communicating with people who experience autism, mental health issues, learning and sensory, physical difficulties or differences.

Jamie is an inspiration to work with. He is passionate about building communities through music, delivering meaningful and inclusive music sessions to learners.  Jamie is committed to tackling loneliness and understands that everyone is unique, respecting people for who they are, no matter what their life circumstances.

Our partner, Emerge Community Arts, provides music and performing arts courses which Jamie delivers with enthusiasm and dedication.  

During lockdown, Jamie ensured that his learners were able to stay in contact by helping set up online resources such as email, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom, supporting learners, their carers and their families. His music projects and lessons continued, and despite the difficulties lockdown presented, the band Bluesface, was able to perform at a community concert in the car park at a care home as part of a weekend community food fundraiser and Sound Express performed on the online Facebook and YouTube event - 'Gig Buddies North Wales' - as part of the Learning Disability Wales conference 'Everybody' in November 2020.

Carers and family members have recognized not only the challenges but the benefits of Jamie’s continued efforts, one noting,

“These past few months have been difficult for the people Jamie teaches, but Jamie has cheered everyone up and has made a difference,” with others adding:

“Jamie hasn't abandoned his students during the pandemic. Realising how social isolation would affect his students and how much they would benefit from continued sessions, he has worked hard to continue the sessions in a virtual format.”

“Jamie really is one in a million.  He goes over and beyond to help us.  He’s been my rock since lockdown – when I have felt really low he has picked me up.  He is an inspiration to me.”

Jamie has made a significant positive impact on many learners’ lives during a period that might have otherwise left learners isolated and confused. Jamie’s efforts have proved inspirational, enhancing and life-affirming for the lives of learners and their wider networks.

Jamie says, “Tutoring has allowed me to fulfil my absolute passion which is to connect and communicate with people who, for whatever reason, have been isolated from their community. Working with people who are experiencing learning difficulties, autism or mental health issues, I use music as a vehicle to make a real connection with people.”

Jamie’s good humour and dedication to adult learning is making the difference. Well done Jamie!

Congratulations on your nomination Jamie, from everyone at Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales.

Take a look at our Music and Performing Arts courses here.

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