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Or learner Bev Elgar shares her experience of the Train the Trainer Level 2 course!


Or learner Bev Elgar tells us how the Train the Trainer Level 2 course has helped her learn skills to deliver art workshops and continue her learning. . .

Bev tells us, “As a professional artist, I was looking for a course that would give me the opportunity to learn relevant skills which would enable me to run workshops effectively. Joining the ‘Train the Trainer Level 2’ course was essential to develop my skills as a trainer in the workplace, or as a workshop tutor. Gaining the qualification at the end gave me an achievable goal to look forward to. Because it has been several years since studying at university, the course was also a great opportunity for me to gradually return to academic learning.

The course was taught online for seven weeks with weekly home-based assignments. An important aspect of this course is that I learned how to plan and run inclusive workshops and how to assess students’ knowledge. From the first week of joining, the course tutor, Kelly Dace was fun and very welcoming, and she made the class feel at ease. She was always available for extra guidance throughout the course. The class environment was very supportive too. I enjoyed meeting new people, including students who had moved to Wales from their home overseas.         

I’ve improved my digital and IT skills because of this course being taught online. It’s also helped my study skills, including time management, and keeping to deadlines. Being qualified to train in the workplace or lead a workshop has opened further opportunities in my career as an artist. It’s given me confidence, especially as I am currently considering other academic options.

This course has helped me progress as a learner of the Welsh language, which I have been studying since I moved to North Wales three years ago. It’s also opened some unexpected, but positive areas of my learning, which I have started to research and become more knowledgeable about. Since childhood, I always struggled with reading, maths, and processing information. My school years were immensely challenging, and going to university several years later was difficult too. But my tenacity and perseverance got me through these challenges. In this course, I learned about inclusivity in the education and training sector, which helped me become more aware of my own learning differences, which has been empowering.      

I plan to return to university, to study an MA in Fine Art or MA Art History. Since obtaining my degree, I have been eager to study for an MA, but have had many setbacks along the way. Once accepted into university, I intend to seek support and get a formal diagnosis for my learning difficulties.

I’d like to thank Adult Learning Wales and Tutor, Kelly Dace for all their support and encouragement. I highly recommend learning through ALW to anyone who has been away from academic learning for a long time like me. Especially, if anyone has learning difficulties, or lacks confidence, studying with ALW is an excellent gateway into further education.”

We’d like to congratulate Bev on completing her course and wish her well with her MA studies!

Check out Bev’s artworks here:



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