Our Cardigan based learner Janet Wallace has been nominated for the Inspire! Learning Award 2023! | Adult Learning Wales

Our Cardigan based learner Janet Wallace has been nominated for the Inspire! Learning Award 2023!


Our learner Janet Wallace has been nominated for the Inspire! Learning Award 2023 by our tutor, Dr Ralph Haeussler for demonstrating her exceptional continued learning and achievements!

Our tutor, Dr Ralph Haeussler says, “Since the very first time I met Janet Wallace in the first course I taught for Adult Learning Wales in Cardigan in 2022, I was impressed by her enthusiasm, her knowledge and her critical engagement. It is amazing to see how her interest in history has kept Janet, now 81 years old, mentally active. Our courses seem to encourage her to do an enormous amount of reading on the various subjects of our classes in the past five months, providing her with a certain raison-d’être in life. More impressively, she always asks the right questions, demonstrating that, at her age, she can critically engage with complex topics, which many younger students would not be able to, and that she aims for a more in-depth understanding of the archaeology and history that we have been dealing with in our classes.

Since November, she attended an impressive 48 hours of classes, not missing a single one, including the intensive four-hour weekly sessions in the autumn term when we analysed a wide range of archaeological materials and theories, followed by the diverse material from ancient Celtic civilisations from across Europe (incl. Wales) that we explored and interpreted from January to March 2023. Whatever material or historical period (from Palaeolithic to medieval times), Janet demonstrates an ever increasing knowledge and expertise as well as the capacity for critical thinking.

Having frequently talked to Janet after our Adult Learning Wales classes in Cardigan, it is clear that these classes keep her mentally fit, almost rejuvenating her, making her an ideal candidate for the ‘Ageing Well’ award. Our scholarly discussions in class, her questions, that are always to the point, and her knowledge of the latest discoveries and theories (based on her continuous reading and research) make it hard to believe that she was born in 1941. Apart from our Adult Learning Wales classes, Janet is also actively engaging with local history societies and volunteering for Cardigan Castle.

Over the past months, we also see a transformational impact, as the classes allow Janet to engage in state-of-the-art controversies in scholarship and recent discoveries, putting local history on Ceredigion in a Europe-wide context. The face-to-face classes also inspire her to engage with the other learners.

Indeed, her enthusiasm in the class is certainly contagious and has inspired her fellow learners, many of whom are equally senior citizens, to participate more actively and engage in more academic discussion about the archaeological heritage of Wales, Britain and the Celtic world.

Overall, as a lecturer with a long-standing experience in Higher Education, I am impressed with Janet and I recommend her very strongly for this award.”

We would like to congratulate and wish Janet the very best of luck with her nomination!

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