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Our courses have helped our learner Tony with his self-development.


Our learner Tony Cope tells us that there were many reasons why he wanted to return to learning. After his initial research of looking for “some sort of evening class”, Tony eventually found one of our courses that he wanted to pursue. Tony shares with us how completing a number of our courses has helped him in many ways. . .

Tony says, “The courses are helping me on my journey of self-care, self-discovery and betterment. I’m learning a huge amount about each subject and it’s prompting further study and enquiry. The courses are forming a complete whole of what I’m calling ‘The Self Care Complex’. I’m understanding that self-awareness and being mindful is the hub for many aspects of self-care and self-discovery. Resilience and assertiveness are spokes of the Self-Care wheel.

I was lucky to take the Self Awareness course first as it really is a central part of the other courses. It’s quite a revelation. For instance, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a little about being mindful, and this is helping me with my everyday life, including an extra form of support with my mental health issues. I’ve learnt so many skills (patience and acceptance, especially) and how to put my old skills to new uses.

All the courses I’ve attended this year have been delivered online. The tutor and fellow learners have all been on Zoom and this has provided me with a number of personal benefits. The most obvious is the lack of travel and the additional costs associated with that. I’ve also noticed that my usual anxiety has reduced. I suffer from social anxiety, and this can be quite crippling even when I’m not showing it. As my anxiety levels have lowered, I’ve been able to be more myself and actually enjoy each course. I’ve been surprised at how much fun you can have with some really serious subject matters. I enjoyed the way the material was presented, the teaching style and interacting with other learners. All of us worked and learnt well together.

Tony concludes, “I started the Assertiveness course this week which is a part of my self-care journey. It’s a million miles from where I was a year ago (although millions of us can say that) and I’m not just talking about the Pandemic. Next year, I’m looking to complete more courses including Digital Photography and then even go back to university to get my M.Sc. There’s plenty of unfinished business there. . .”

We would like to congratulate Tony on completing these courses and wish him well with future learning. We look forward to hearing how you get on!

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