Our ESOL learners from North Carmarthenshire took an educational trip to the Welsh capital! | Adult Learning Wales

Our ESOL learners from North Carmarthenshire took an educational trip to the Welsh capital!


On Saturday 7th May, 19 new ESOL learners from Llanybydder in North Carmarthenshire were joined by a member of the HR team at Dunbia and three staff from Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales for a trip to the Welsh capital.

The group of learners, who speak Romanian as their first language, are mainly in their mid- twenties and are just starting an accredited entry level course in English to enhance their employability skills. The trip to Cardiff was designed to help give the young learners a first-hand experience of Welsh culture and also an insight into the democracy they are now part of.

The tour of Cardiff started with a talk in glorious sunshine outside the Senedd building with parliament guides explaining how the Bay area had developed around the wealth of the coal industry. It is now the centre of law making in Wales, a tourist attraction and a freshwater habitat – signifying the importance of sustainability and enterprise in the nation.

Having cleared security, the group continued to the viewing gallery above the circular Welsh Parliament chamber and were interested to discover how it is designed to reach out to every community in Wales including the learners themselves.

Following lunch in the hustle and bustle of Cardiff Bay, the coach tour continued to the magnificent National Museum building where learners enjoyed a mix of natural history and art including Welsh dinosaurs and paintings by Cezanne and Picasso alongside work by modern Welsh artists and photographers. The group also took a few selfies of their own!

Ben, who came to Wales from Romania to boost his career prospects, said he had really enjoyed the visits with “good People and good weather” and was impressed by the Senedd. “I have seen pictures on the Internet, but this was my first visit. It was interesting to see the big wheel too. It was a very nice day.”

Roger Coombs, the ESOL tutor for the Dunbia learners, said: “It was really good to meet with the learners and we had a great day in Cardiff helped by some wonderful weather. The Lampeter area is a lovely location to work and live, but it is important for the learners to spend time in the heart of the nation’s capital and to realise they are a valued part of the wider Welsh community.
“The trip was a great way for everyone involved in the lessons to get to know each other. I’m really looking forward to working with this group of learners over the next few weeks.”

We’re glad to hear that this trip help our learners meet other people, get to know the area and we look forward to welcoming them on more trips and help them continue with their learning!

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