Our ESOL learners have been writing poems to express their thoughts and feelings on Black History Month | Adult Learning Wales

Our ESOL learners have been writing poems to express their thoughts and feelings on Black History Month


Our ESOL learners come from a variety of backgrounds and in addition to learning English to integrate into UK communities and the workforce, English can and is used to share aspects of our different cultures, values, and dreams. Compared to many other countries, the UK has gone a long way in addressing inequality and discrimination, and by promoting Black History Month (BHM), government departments, education providers, charities and businesses can recognise and celebrate the contribution to UK culture that black people have brought to this country over the centuries. This aligns closely to the culture and identity aspect of the Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) cross-cutting themes in the revised curriculum for Wales.

Our tutor Martin says, “As part of BHM, we looked at the lives of current and historical black British figures including Betty Campbell, the first black headteacher in Wales, Mary Seacole, a contemporary of Florence Nightingale, and Lenny Henry, the actor, entertainer and charity campaigner. To encourage my Entry 3 learners to be more creative with their writing and to engage with their feelings, we looked at a poem about the Windrush Generation; the learners completed a final verse in their own words. In another lesson, practise research and digital skills, I asked learners to read online about the life of a black person they admired and to write a summary of what they had learned in the format of a freestyle acrostic poem.”

Our learners noted;

Rebin Shahidi, “We learned how to write poems”.

Sayed Luqman, “This improves our English; the choice of topic was important for us. It was important to read and discuss the values of human beings: equality, justice, and respect to make a good future together. It shows how to spread positive behaviour and how to encourage positive behaviour between people.”

Jehan Turki, “It was important to understand what happened to black people in the past and what is happening now.”

Seid Ahmed, “I have improved my reading and writing skills as a result of these lessons.”

Our tutor Martin concluded, “The development of The Race Equality Action Plan for Wales, the time is ripe for fully celebrating the lives, cultures and contributions of black and minority ethnic people in Wales and press ahead for a fully inclusive future.”

As we are no in All Hallows Tide, and with Remembrance Day approaching, it would be worthwhile to remember the contributions of black and Asian servicemen and women during the First and Second World Wars. For more information about this, please click here: Black Poppies – Britain’s Black Community and the Great War by Stephen Bourne – Black History Month 2021.

We would like to congratulate all of our learners and look forward to hearing what they do next!

Click here to find out more information about Black History Month or click here to find a course today.

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