Our learner Amanda Rees has been nominated for the Inspire! Adult Learning Awards 2023! | Adult Learning Wales

Our learner Amanda Rees has been nominated for the Inspire! Adult Learning Awards 2023!


Our learner Amanda Rees has been nominated for the Inspire! Adult Learning Awards 2023 for being a great asset to her lessons and continued learning with us since 2017! Her tutor Liz Marriott tells us why she has nominated Amanda. . .

Our tutor Liz says, “Amanda has been involved in the women’s group, Literacy and Health and Well Being sessions since 2017.  Amanda has a huge interest and passion for all kinds of learning, and really thrives in any learning environment. 

Our current sessions have focused on “Preparing for the future” which involved looking at both personal, and work/volunteering related goals for the future.  “Volunteering,” which considered many aspects of the role of a volunteer. It also looked at how volunteering can provide valuable experiences for future paid work, and also promotes wellbeing. Amanda has always supported other learners, despite not always being able to attend particular courses due to her personal circumstances.  At the end of most sessions Amanda will ask for “homework” so she can look up further information to support the current course.  Amanda is a real asset to the course and the other learners, not just due to her immense interest in learning, but also her ability to support all other learners in their learning and personal lives. 

The group is very diverse and has a lot of specific needs requiring support, both practical and emotional, which Amanda provides in virtually every session.  Amanda has faced lots of difficulties due to her dyslexia and learning difficulties but has tirelessly worked to overcome these over the past 5 years.  In addition, Amanda had a baby boy in September 2022.  Amanda continued to keep in contact with the group when the baby was born, despite having a new born and an 11-year-old daughter.  She would ask for work to do at home and wanted to keep up with the work we were doing. As soon as Amanda’s partner was in a position to look after the baby, Amanda returned to every session and worked around her personal life making the classes one of her priorities. 

I believe, going forward, Amanda will achieve her goal of becoming a Learning Support Assistant in an Additional Learning Needs School. She continues to focus on the skills and course she needs to do to apply for further training in this area. Although it may not be for some years, Amanda is using this time to work towards her future and has a very clear plan for future training and employment. Amanda would be a valued member of staff in any school, and a massive support to any individual she works with!”

We would like to congratulate Amanda on her hard work and wish her well with the nomination!

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