Our learner Jane Lloyd-Davies shares how our online creative courses have been a lifeline to her! | Adult Learning Wales

Our learner Jane Lloyd-Davies shares how our online creative courses have been a lifeline to her!


Many of us faced difficulties throughout the pandemic, and for some, continuing to learn has been a way in which we have stayed active. As many venues shut due to COVID restrictions, many of us found ourselves moving to online learning which has also allowed us to continue to engage with others. After a life changing event, our learner Jane Lloyd-Davies found herself returning to learning and shares with us how a range of our creative online courses has been a real lifeline to her.

Jane says, “I had an injury at work and developed a complex regional pain syndrome, resulting in constant pain. I can’t walk far and have chronic fatigue. During my Pain Management course, I was encouraged to find hobbies or learn skills that would distract me from the pain. I tried to take part in a sewing course at my local library years ago but found it too difficult to manage my sewing machine, materials and my crutches whilst travelling to the venue. I then discovered that Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales offered online courses, and they have given me a lifeline to learning. I have gained friendship and regained my lost confidence. The free online courses have been a god send, as I had become a virtual 'recluse' - even before lockdown! Prior to this, I avoided people, afraid that my foot would be touched, knocked, or injured again. Now, I can interact with people again in a safe way. I have met people with similar interests from all over Wales who are interested in sewing, knitting and Art. I feel that my mental health has improved through interacting with my peers in my classes, and I have something to look forward to each week.”

Jane’s tutor Maria says, “Jane Lloyd-Davies started learning online September 2020 on a patchwork course that involved producing a different design weekly ending up with enough pieces to produce a quilt. Since then, Jane has attended many classes e.g Simple sewing for the home, Sashiko which is Japanese embroidery and Knitting techniques. Jane has now gained friendship from many ladies throughout Wales, Jane's confidence has really grown by attending and learning new skills and techniques.”

Jane concludes, “I would like to thank all at Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult learning Wales for giving me the opportunity to learn more about creative courses. I have enjoyed participating in the Patchwork, Sashiko and Knitting lessons with Maria. This has helped me in so many ways. When I find sleep difficult because of my pain, I can turn to my new skills and stitch, knit or draw items.”

We would like to congratulate Jane, wish her well and look forward to seeing what you achieve in your future classes!

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