Our learner Ophelia John shares her experience of the Beginner Sign Language class. | Adult Learning Wales

Our learner Ophelia John shares her experience of the Beginner Sign Language class.


Ophelia says, “This course helped me to learn the basics of British Sign Language, be able to form sentences and hold conversations in the correct manner. It’s given me a better understanding of BSL, the people within the community and a skill I’ll be able to use for life. I’ve learned a plethora of different skills and signs in this class, I have a much bigger vocabulary than I expected and can hold a conversation in sign!

I struggle with anxiety and other mental health issues – my tutor Mary has always provided me with support and always treated me with such kindness. She is very funny, always has a smile on her face and had such a warm and safe energy, which is very comforting in an environment I struggle with. I get distracted easily but Mary kept us engaged. Mary would recap what was taught to make sure I’ve picked up on anything I’d struggled to focus.

I’ve learned to feel comfortable in a setting that gives me anxiety. And to be patient with myself more.

I love my tutor Mary, I think she is a patient and dedicated person, she is super professional and amazing. I am so thankful for her to be my teacher and now a friend. And I’m unbelievably grateful to have met her.

The lessons are always thorough, enjoyable, and fun. It's been straight forward and easy to do - it's a great interactive class! We can also use websites and apps that help us outside of the class which Mary recommended, and she has given great guidance.

I'd love the lessons to be longer and I am sad that the lessons are coming to an end, and I’ll miss Mary very much, she’s taught me some amazing essential skills in BSL but we’ve also shared some lovely moments together, like me and my partner getting engaged! I'd love to do the next class in January and look forward to improving my BSL skills and be taught by an amazing woman who’s passionate and dedicated!”

Ophelia concludes, “I definitely recommend this course. It’s an essential skill that should be taught in schools so that people are inclusive. Not just to the Deaf community but also those who are non-verbal. It’s fun and interactive and you’ll pick it up in no time and even start using it in your day to day life!”

We would like to congratulate Ophelia, wish her well and look forward to seeing what you achieve in your future classes!

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