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Our learners showcased their work at the Creative Art and Craft Hub Christmas Fair in Aberystwyth!


In December, some of our learners from the Creative Hub showcased their work at the Creative Art and Craft Hub Christmas Fair in Aberystwyth! Our Arts and Crafts tutor, Helen Ingham tells us about the event, and we hear from some of our learners. . .

"Creative Hub" is a longstanding art activity group created in partnership between Adult Learning Wales and Mind Aberystwyth. We have been putting on courses since 2017 and myself and some of the learners have been involved since the start, over 3 different changes of venue. The group is currently based at Arad Goch Theatre Company, who are the third partner in the Craft Fair event.

The Craft Fair was a great opportunity to showcase the creative skills of our learners, including art and craft work created both outside of and within the Creative Hub sessions. As well as being open to the public in the foyer of the Arad Goch building, it was also our last day of term, so it felt appropriate to have an end of term celebration too, with some refreshments provided by the family of one of the learners. We also celebrated the birthday of a learner who has been joining us online, since moving out of the area.

Learners worked together with Arad Goch staff to set up stalls in the foyer, create a display of artwork from the recent course, and a separate chill-out and refreshment area for the learners in the adjacent theatre space. On top of this there was tea, coffee and mince pies in a seating area for members of the public, and a workshop activity for all, initiated and run by one of the learners!

Everyone worked well together to make the event a great success. We are particularly grateful to all the staff at Arad Goch who went above and beyond their remit as venue providers, including all the preparations on the day, gifting the teas and coffees for the event, and much friendly support and practical help in the run up to the day itself.

A donation from the event was made to local charity, West Wales Womens' Aid. 

Afterwards, a participant (learner) said, "I believe it was definitely worth it for a host of reasons -
1. A big get together! Nothing else is planned and some folks will be alone over Christmas.
2. For (- a group member who has recently moved out of the area who joined in the event online-). I’m sure we made a difference to their 1st birthday away.
3. For that young person (-visitor who dropped in and made an enquiry about joining the group) I hope she’s brave enough to come back….
4. We raised roughly £80 for a local charity. Which is £80 they didn’t have".

We’d like to congratulate our learners on their hard work! If you would like to find out more about our Arts and Crafts courses, click here.


To see more photos from the Creative Art and Craft Hub Christmas Fair in Aberystwyth, click here.

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