Our tutor Jayne McAleer has been nominated for the Inspire! Tutor Award 2023. . . | Adult Learning Wales

Our tutor Jayne McAleer has been nominated for the Inspire! Tutor Award 2023. . .


Over the years teaching in the community, Jayne has used her own story to motivate, encourage and empower others. Having developed M.E and needing to finish work in her late 20’s, Jayne’s confidence was knocked until she found the courage to start a local community course which set her on the way to her teaching career.

Adult Learning Wales works closely with New Horizons Mental Health Charity. Many learners have low self-esteem, past drug and alcohol abuse issues, or have suffered domestic abuse and trauma in their lives. For many, living day to day can be difficult and they suffer with their mental and physical health and wellbeing. As part of the Recovery College Jayne teaches courses to develop skills to cope with everyday life including, Emotional Health and Wellbeing, Managing Anxiety, Stress management and Anger Management.

When Covid 19 hit, it brought many challenges for us all. All face-to-face classes stopped and our vulnerable learners were left without their lifeline, learning and coming to class. The first tutor on the phone to see how we could help was Jayne. We knew not everyone had I.T resources and many lacked the skills to access online learning, but Jayne was determined ensure her learners were not experiencing lockdown alone.

Jayne helped learners overcome I.T barriers and enabled learners to access courses. Jayne highlighted digital poverty early on and we were able to support learners with laptops and Mifi device loans.

She believes in her learners and is able to create an environment both online and in the classroom where learners feel safe and thrive.

Our tutor Jayne McAleer says, “I can honestly say that I feel I have the best job. As challenging and demanding as the role is, it is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. I personally know the value of education and how adult education can allow you to start afresh. I have seen countless times how education can transform a person- how that can positively impact on their relationships and in turn their wider communities. The importance of this learning and the learning community has never been so important as it has been these past months with the coronavirus.”

We would like to congratulate Jayne on her nomination and wish her luck in the Awards!

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