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Philip Beacall – Pixel Perfect!


Philip – or Phil to his friends – has cerebral palsy. This affects his speech and the movement of the right side of his body. Phil has long held an interest in photography, but his condition has made it difficult to use camera equipment comfortably – this being designed for right-handed people. Although useful, YouTube tutorials didn’t explain techniques as fully as he would have liked.

So Phil attended courses at a local FE college but found he wasn’t able to achieve his full potential; he still struggled with using the equipment as well as completing the necessary paperwork. But Phil was determined to pursue his interest in photography and to learn new skills, so he signed up to a course with Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales.

At first he felt apprehensive due to his previous course experiences. But since joining he has made outstanding progress, moving from the Beginners Photography course through to Intermediate level and then on to Digital Image Editing.

Phil approaches his learning with enthusiasm and humour, readily embracing new ideas and concepts presented to him by his tutor Mick Scraggs, to help steady himself and his camera so that he can work on improving his photography and reduce motion blur that is caused by his condition. He works independently and integrates well with the group who treat him like any other class-member.

Phil has shown determination and perseverance to overcome challenges with completing paperwork by having assistance from a scribe. The fact that the courses are held in a community venue with good access is also a plus as is a tutor who fully understands his needs offering successful, practical solutions.

In addition to his new-found Digital Photography skills, Phil has increased his use and understanding of other technology to aid with everyday practical tasks. Phil has found that his confidence has increased and his health and well-being have improved. He now gets out frequently to practice his skills and has lost the apprehensions and frustrations about using the camera he felt before joining the course. He now goes out on field trips with other class members and enjoys getting out in his local area – and further afield on his holidays – to practice his skills in different settings. Phil aims to complete his current course and would love to complete the advanced level course to further his skills.

Heartfelt congratulations to Phil on receiving our Margaret Jones Award. We wish him well for his future and future learning.

Philip Beacall

Philip Beacall, our Margaret Jones Award Winner 2019

Philip is pictured receiving his award from Lesley Griffiths AM.

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